FX Accessoires


 Airrifle Pellets – 500 pellets / box




 To make your FX rifle perform as good as possible we recommend our own pellets that has been specially developed so the precison in your rifle always will be on top.



Calibre: .22 Cal 5.52 mm
Weight: 16 gns 1.030 g

 FX Clamp


 A clamp for bipods and shoulder straps to easily fit to your tube


 Airtubes and Bottles


 All replaceable airtubes for your Cutlas, Cyclone, Ultimate or Gladiator



1. A small tube add-on tube to get even more shots out of your rifle
  100mm / 45cc
2. Our default airtube
  330mm / 148cc
3. The biggest tube availabe
  400mm / 180cc
4. 400mm tube (3) with the add-on tube (1)
  500mm / 225cc
5. The standard bottle on the FX Gladiator
  310mm / 500cc
6. A smaller bottle for the FX Gladiator
  240mm / 400cc