Spelletjes voor de luchtbuks

Airguns Games

Backyard Safari

    This was originally designed for younger shooters, but anyone can enjoy it. Take a box of animale crackers into the back yard, field, or other safe shooting area. Place the animals around the yard or field at different locations in the grass or under bushes. Use your imagination in placing the animals, just be sure of your backstop and that your are shooting in a safe direction.

    Now take your hunters, kids or shooting buddys, into the field and hunt the animals. As you spot the animals, you stop and shoot them. After you are done with your safari, the animal crackers can be left for the birds.

Mini Sniping

    Mini Sniping has been around for a while. In this game you place 5 empty 9mm pistol casings in clay at 35 yards. One shot is taken at each case. A kill is recorded only if the casing is shot out of the clay. This is alot of fun and alot tougher than it sounds.

    A fun variation on this game is to substitute those little green army figurines that we all played with as kids for the 9mm casings. You can typically get them at any discount store like Walmart. The proportions of the figurine torsos are about the same as the 9mm casing. But the figures and a bit of fun to the game.

Favorite Targets

  • Soda Jug Bottle Tops
  • Paint Balls
  • Aspirin
  • Metalic Silhouettes
  • Little Green Army Figurines
  • Fast Food Fun Meal Charactures
  • Used Pistol and Shotgun casings
  • Planters Cheez Balls
  • Oyster Crackers
  • Breakfast Cereal, Kix, Cocoa Puffs and the like.
  • Metalic Spinners
  • Field Targets
  • Compact Discs, especially AOL CDs
  • Soda Cans, Thanks Warren Wu
  • Neco Wafers, Thanks Charles Meyer
  • Orange Plastic Practice Golf Balls, Thanks David Bottomley
  • Cow/Goat Bells, Thanks David Bottomley
  • Snap & Pops, Thanks Terence Tam
  • Pennies, Thanks Terence Tam
  • Old Playing Cards, Thanks Terence Tam
  • Old Eggs, Thanks Justin
  • Plastic Milk Caps, Thanks LB
  • 35mm Film Canister Partially Filled With Flour, Thanks Brody Dyer
  • Old Metal Dog Rabies Tags, Thanks Rooster
  • Toothpicks at 10 meters, Thanks Bob P
  • Smarties also called Sweettarts, Thanks Bob P
  • Acorns, Thanks Bob P
  • Beer Bottle Caps, Thanks GOJPO
  • Light Bright Pegs, Thanks GOJPO
  • Golf Tees, Thanks Fuzzman
  • Cap gun Caps, Thanks Dyke Dean
  • Bugs on a white board smeared with honey, Thanks Rick
  • Dimes, Thanks Calvin J. Vork
  • Frozen Apples, Thanks Dennis Dagamer
  • Fruit, Thanks David
  • Bath soap and shampoo bottles with various cartoon heads on them, Thanks JR99
  • Charcoal Briquets, Thanks Dag E. Josang
  • PEZ Candy & Dispensers, Thanks Rusty Frederick & Paul Parker
  • Ketsup Packets and other fast food sauce packets, Thanks Steve